She was on oxygen 24/7.

Then she got her Second Wind.

“Second Wind took me right off oxygen. I don’t know what I would have done without it!”
—Jan H., MI
Laughing was just plain SCARY.
Immune system ZAPPED.
Freedom from her OXYGEN TANK.
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“Second Wind was the answer to all my years of praying... I thank God for Second Wind.”

–Rev. Willie L. W.

Willie W. could not believe it. He’d been praising the Lord in song since he was a four-year-old child. ”I sang for 65 years,” he says. “Then suddenly I lost the ability to take a deep breath, or hold a note, period. Without a song, I became very depressed.”

Willie had COPD for a long time. “I’ve been using a breathing machine (or should I say machines) since 1989—first CPAP, and now BiPAP,” he says. “I was desperate for relief!”

He was ready to try anything!

“I figured since I’d tried tons of prescription drugs, sprays, inhalers, pills, capsules, and all else,” Willie says, “I should be willing to try something natural for a change.”

When breathing is a struggle, Second Wind can help.

Unlike prescription drugs, which can produce a whole laundry list of scary side effects, Second Wind™ is a blend of natural herbs and nutrients that help reduce the buildup of mucus that’s causing congestion... soothe inflamed membranes... ease bronchial spasms

to calm-down your cough...thin the mucus, loosen the phlegm, and open-up your airways so you can breathe freely again.

It was exactly what Willie had been praying for.

As Willie soon found, Second Wind starts helping the very first time you take it. No matter what triggered your breathing problems— allergies, air pollution, second-hand smoke, a bad cold, or a chronic condition like asthma, emphysema or COPD—Second Wind helps relieve them all!

Now he’s singing the praises of Second Wind!

“I now sing in three gospel choirs, often as featured soloist,”Willie says, “and I no longer need to use a breathing machine, that I had to use every night and take with me whenever I traveled for the past twenty four years. I thank God for Second Wind.”

Second Wind works so well I take it myself every day.

“At my age I should probably be slowing down. Instead, I’m pedaling my bike up mountain pass, running miles on end, and working out in the gym. My secret? Second Wind. It helps protect my lungs from disease, slow down the aging process, and keep my body young even at age 63.”

—Dr. Devin Mikles, Director
Choices Integrative Healthcare, Sedona, AZ

Get Second Wind Now Risk-Free!

Every year, growing numbers of Americans are told by doctors that their breathing problems are not going to go away.

At last count, 25 million of us—or about 1 in every 12—have been diagnosed with asthma. Another 10 million suffer from chronic bronchitis. A couple million more have emphysema.

While it can be a relief to finally put a name to the condition that has you fighting for breath, it can also feel like receiving a life sentence. And sometimes the treatments feel even worse than the disease!

Second Wind helps relax constricted airways.

When asthma strikes, the muscles surrounding your bronchial tubes tighten up, the airway lining swells, and every breath is a struggle.

The nine natural ingredients in Second Wind™ work together to help relax your airways, loosen your tight cough, break up mucus and phlegm, calm inflammation in delicate membranes and airway linings, keep your lung tissue healthy and improve overall respiratory performance.

So no matter what’s behind your huffing and puffing, Second Wind has you covered.

–Wanda M., Franktown, CO

“I have COPD (asthma & early emphysema). I see a difference in breathing as shortly as 1½ hrs after taking 1 Second Wind. It truly is amazing!”

–Wanda M., Franktown, CO

Shackled to an inhaler for almost 50 years...

Christine S.

Christine S’s asthmatic bronchitis started in her teens.

“Every cold went right to my bronchial tubes,”Christine says. “I had to rely on my Albuterol inhaler and antibiotics.”

In 2009 Christine, then in her 50s, had a near fatal asthma attack. The EMTs brought her back with adrenalin and oxygen. The doctors kept her going with prednisone and antibiotics. Then she discovered Second Wind. “And to this day,” she says, “I am almost bronchitis free.”

She’s breathing easy at last!

Second Wind got her off  her oxygen machine!

Second Wind got her off her oxygen machine!

“The doctors said I had COPD and put me on oxygen for life,” says Erma R. of Springdale, AR. “But I decided to try [Second Wind]. Now after about one year I am not on any kind of meds for anything. I often go up and clean my house gutters out and do my own lawn work. Second Wind is just what I needed to get me going. I do not use my oxygen machine any more at all.”

Get Second Wind Now Risk-Free!
Jan H.

“I was on oxygen 24 hrs a day! Second Wind took me right off oxygen. It’s awonderful product. Thank you so much!”

–Jan H., West Branch, MI

It helps thin-out mucus and break up congestion in nasal passages and bronchial tubes
It opens-up airways so life-giving oxygen can reach your lungs
It alleviates inflammation in nose, throat and bronchi
It helps prevent soft-muscle spasms to restore free breathing and calm hacking cough
It soothes irritated throat and nasal linings and helps defend against bacterial and viral infection
It boosts oxygen intake and enhances overall lung function
It helps neutralize the oxidative activity of pollutants, toxins, and cigarette smoke.

Breathing is such a simple act, you hardly ever even think about it. Your chest rises and falls, air moves in and out, and your body gets the oxygen it needs.

Until something goes wrong.

In a healthy respiratory system, air and oxygen pass through the nasal cavity, down the throat and into the bronchioles and the alveoli (air sacs) in the lungs, where CO2 is drawn out of the bloodstream and oxygen is absorbed into it.

But when nasal passages get congested or bronchial tubes swell, it can be a struggle to draw in air. And after years of inhaling smoke or other irritants, bronchioles and alveoli can lose their elasticity, and the walls between alveoli can break down, making breathing less effective and limiting oxygen intake.”

Healthy Lungs and Airways Effect of Asthma Effect of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Get Second Wind Now Risk-Free!
>—Jesse G., age 93

“I have a breathing problem from working with asbestos. In April 2013, I started taking Second Wind. After 5 days I started feeling much better. I am now doing light yard work. I call them my miracle pills.”

—Jesse G., age 93

Threats to healthy breathing lurk everywhere. Tree pollen, pet dander, auto exhaust. Chemicals and pesticides drifting through the air. Fumes from cleaners and preservatives in your carpet. Mold spores wafting out of duct work. Viral and bacterial invaders, propelled by a cough or a sneeze. Dust mite feces. Factory emissions. Smoke. Perfumes. Hair spray. Cigarette smoke. Even deodorizing room fresheners can add to the burden on your lungs.

Experts at the American Lung Association say airborne threats like these can result in:

  • INFLAMMATION of lung tissue in otherwise healthy adults...
  • EXCESS mucus production...
  • SPASMS of the smooth muscles, causing chronic cough...
  • ASTHMA ATTACKS bad enough to send you to the hospital...
  • DAMAGE to the small airways inside your lungs...
  • OXIDATIVE DAMAGE to lungs and other organs.
Get Second Wind Now Risk-Free!

You can’t lock yourself in a sterile room. But you CAN take Second Wind!

Robert D. of Saxonburg, PA does heavy mechanical maintenance work in the oldest steel mill in the U.S.A. “Needless to say,” he says, “pollutants involved in steel making are some of the very worst you’ll ever encounter. I had raspy and slightly labored lung function.”

His cough is gone.

His cough is gone.

“After a month or so [on Second Wind™], my breathing lightened up and a large amount of mucus... was expelled. Following this, no more ‘heaviness’ in the chest; no more hacking, coughing or frequent colds. It makes breathing effortless.”


Carole M.

She can laugh again!

“About two years ago,” says New Yorker Carole M., “I developed a chronic cough due to medications for asthma and environmental allergies. I coughed day and night. Sometimes, I couldn’t catch my breath and it was very scary. Just a simple thing as laughing became frightening.”

“I tried everything until one day, I saw an ad for Second Wind. After taking 6 capsules,my cough had stopped! Both my husband and doctor were amazed as well. I can finally enjoy my life again, thanks to Second Wind.”

Olivia K., MO

“I received the info on the Second Wind and I thought ‘what do I have to lose’ as I was getting so tired of the coughing, especially at night.”

–Olivia K., MO

Oliva was getting really sick of coughing all the time. “Months ago I developed this lingering cough,” she says. “No matter what medication I was prescribed by my doctor, it would not help the cough.” When she learned about Second Wind™, she figured she had nothing to lose. And the gamble paid off.

“Second Wind has helped me tremendously,” Olivia says. “The cough is not completely gone but it is so much better. I am so thankful to have found something that has given me relief.

It was so bad he had to SLEEP in a CHAIR!

That was how Guy M. felt, too. Sinus surgery had left him with a problem WAY worse than the one it was supposed to solve. For three long years his nagging, hacking cough was so bad he had to sleep in a chair.

“The coughing was so loud it woke my wife,” Guy recalls. “I had to sleep in another room so she could get some rest. And days weren’t much better. She used to joke she could always find me—she just followed the cough.”

He'd just about given up hope.

He’d just about given up hope.

“My doctor prescribed about half a dozen different prescriptions,”Guy says. Nothing seemed to work—except one. “That particular drug came with a whole list of side effects that had me concerned,” Guy says. He was getting desperate for relief. And then a Second Wind brochure came in the mail.

He had nothing to lose but the cough.

Reading how Second Wind had helped others breathe freely again, Guy decided to give it a try. “It was all natural, with no side effects,” he says. “Plus, it was guaranteed. If it didn’t work, I’d get my money back. I ordered it. Today, I feel like a new man. My cough is 99% gone. I can actually sleep on my back again.”



Got her Second Wind—and loves it!

“I had noticed a tightening in my chest and I couldn’t catch my breath when I had to chase after the kids at school,” says teacher Katherine M. “I also started having a constant, annoying cough. My doctor listened to my lungs and prescribed an asthma drug.”

Katherine wasn’t crazy about that idea. She started checking out natural solutions, and decided to try Second Wind. “After 3 months,” she reports. “I went back to the doctor. She said my lungs sounded great.”

“I thought about it,” Katherine says, “and I realized I had no more nagging cough, no more faintness in my chest and I haven’t had any trouble catching my breath. I love Second Wind!”

—Wayne D., Cincinnati OH

“I have a touch of COPD, since I worked with all kinds of chemicals and was around farm animals. I take Second Wind for my lung health and breathing capacity. It didn’t cure my cough completely but it sure helped.”

—Wayne D., Cincinnati OH

Airborne pollutants—everything from windblown fertilizers, industrial chemicals, to tobacco smoke—are the culprits behind most breathing problems. Even stuff that smells good—like household sprays, air fresheners, even the fragrance of bread baking can be doing a number on your lungs.

Her lungs were so damaged, therapy did no good.

Lorna Thompson couldn’t stop coughing. “She had lung damage... from prolonged chemical inhalation at work,” her husband Mark says. “She was on monthly antibiotic therapy and inhalers for over five years, but the violent chronic non-productive coughing, fatigue, shortness of breath, and periodic bleeding... continued. She had surgery and a course of steroids, but after six months the symptoms returned.”

Get Second Wind Now Risk-Free!

Then they ordered Second Wind.

“Since she started Second Wind™ the bleeding has not returned,”Mark says. “She is completely off antibiotic therapy and inhalers. The shortness of breath and fatigue has improved and the coughing has diminished.”

Cold weather? No problem— with Second Wind!

It gets pretty darn cold in North Dakota, where Jim C. lives. “My lungs, my life is out working in cold weather,” Jim says. “I had bronchitis (still have a little). Second Wind helps a lot. I breathe better; it helps my whole body work better. I do think I will live longer too.”


Deloris E.

Still using sprays, but her problems are gone.

Deloris E., 61, is a hairdresser. Between the perms, the sprays, and the dryers, she’s always inhaling something. “I don’t have bad health problems,” Deloris says, “but I do... suffer from sinus headaches and sinus infections. If I didn’t get to the doctor for antibiotics the infection would go into my lungs.”

Then she started Second Wind.

“I have not been to the doctor for this in over a year,” Deloris says. “Before, I went no less than 2 times a year and sometimes more. My headaches— when... the sinus acts up—are down from a 10 to a 1. I do not take anything for the sinus. These products have helped me to be able to function as I did in my 40’s.”

Asthma, especially childhood asthma, is reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S. Between 1980 and 1995, the rate of asthma prevalence in kids aged 0-17 more than doubled, going from 3.6% in 1980 to 7.5% in 1995. By 2007, that figure had increased to 9.1%.

People with a family history of allergies are more prone to developing asthma. Airborne irritants are a major culprit. A cold or sinus infection can set you off; so can heartburn, stress, hard exercise or even just very cold air.

It feels as if you’re choking to death.

When you have asthma, your airways are always a little inflamed. But when something triggers an attack, the inflammation increases, airways swell, and the muscles around airways tighten up, making it even harder for you to move air into and out of your lungs.

Inhalers, oxygen and drugs can help control your asthma symptoms, but you just never know when you’re going to have an attack.


Bill D. of Chicago.

Says Second Wind is better than Advair®*.

“I have asthma and have been using Second Wind for about 3 months,” says Bill D. of Chicago. “I was on Advair®, but I found Second Wind helps me more with my breathing...I take 2 capsules before I walk “Wrigs” and 2 more before dinner. My sleep and workouts have improved. I’m impressed. I’m 71 years old and work 7 days a week in real estate and run or lift weights every day.”

*Advair® is a registered trademark of GlaxoSmithKline and is used herein for identification purposes only.
—Jimmy T., Grand Prairie,TX

“I used to cough day and night. I started to take Second Wind about a year ago... cough has just about gone away. My doctor said my lungs look better than they were 2 years ago.”

—Jimmy T., Grand Prairie,TX

Not all asthma is allergic, and not all allergies cause asthma.

Margaret S.’s daughter’s asthma started after a bout with the flu. “The doctors gave her different antibiotics and inhalers,” Margaret says, “but she had trouble breathing.”

Fortunately, Margaret had received some information about Second Wind™. “I purchased some for my daughter and she immediately found relief!” Margaret says.

Speaker, educator, walker, wheezer...

Joseph Giampapa is an educator and speaker who suffers from a variety of allergies. “At any given time I’d be lucky to be breathing out of one nostril at best and finding myself ‘huffing and puffing’ on my daily walks,” he says. “Being the skeptic that I am, I thought I would try Second Wind for a month (not really expecting any significant change.)”

He was in for a surprise!

He was in for a surprise!

“Almost immediately upon taking Second Wind I noticed a remarkable change,” he says. “Suddenly I was able to ‘really’ breathe again. My lungs not only felt clearer, but with time I saw my stamina and lung capacity significantly increasing. I LOVE this product!”


Get Second Wind Now Risk-Free!
>—Shawn B., Erwin, TN

“I have got my life back. I now breathe clearly & freely and can walk and run like a young man.”

—Shawn B., Erwin, TN

Only about 6.3% of the entire US population has COPD—but it is the third leading cause of death in the USA. Chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and some forms of asthma and bronchiectasis all fall under the COPD umbrella. Second Wind™ targets the breathlessness, coughing, wheezing and “tightness” in the chest that are so typical of COPD..

His symptoms have vanished.

71-year-old Shawn William B. suffered with COPD for ten long years. “Many doctors and prescriptions failed to restore my free breathing and stop all my nagging coughing and mucus spells,” he says. But that’s all history now.

“Since using Second Wind my past COPD severe condition has seemingly vanished from my life,” Shawn says. “From the very first Second Wind capsules I noticed relief. After my first month taking Second Wind I have got my life back once more. I now breathe clearly and freely and can walk and run like a young man. No more coughing up mucus for hours and days on end. My life is back.”

Second Wind gave him his life back!

“I lived with COPD for more than 10 years.” Shawn recalls. “I felt I would surely die from the condition. I believe IVL and Second Wind has saved my life.”


20 years of smoking took their toll..

Clyde B. was a heavy smoker for 20 years before he quit.. “I was starting to have breathing problems, and had bronchitis every winter,” he says.

That was nine years ago. “My lungs haven’t recovered from the damage,” Clyde says. “My Dr. says I have COPD and need the Advair® puffer, but... it didn’t help my breathing as much as the IVL product called Second Wind.”


She calls it a miracle, too.

At age 61, Josephine P. of North Royalton, OH had to have lung surgery. “I was doing fine up to 60 years of age,” she says. But then the trouble started.

“Pleurisy and bronchitis kept coming back,” she says. “The doctor wanted me to use an inhaler, [but it] did worse for me. Second Wind is a miracle. I start wheezing—take my miracle Second Wind capsules—in 40 minutes... no chest pains and I feel better. Always.”


Bill D. of Chicago.

She never smoked, but COPD got her anyway.

“I never smoked a cigarette in my life,” says Elinor S. of Linden,NJ, “but in July 2012 at age 87 years, an x-ray showed I had COPD. I had trouble breathing, especially in hot humid weather. In December I suffered an infection with constant coughing, resulting in 8 days in the hospital. In March 2013, I started taking Second Wind. Since taking Second Wind I almost forget I have COPD because my breathing is normal and I don’t cough. This is a supplement that works, and I am thankful to IVL for producing it.”

Get Second Wind Now Risk-Free!

Jane R. manages a busy cigarette store “Of course I smoke!” Jane says. “I’m in a cigarette store. I’m 61 yrs old and still carry cases of cigarettes, stand on my feet 8 or 9 hours a day. I’m up at 3:00 am and my day doesn’t end till after 8 pm.”

“The last time I went to the doctor,” Jane says, “he listened to my lungs and asked me if I finally quit smoking, I had to laugh. I told him I had taken this all natural Second Wind™ for only 1 month. He just smiled and said, ‘Well, something has made a big improvement.”

Cigerettes really are the smoking gun.

Cigarettes really are the smoking gun.

Like most smokers, Jane knows it’s not good for her. Smoking damages your airways and alveoli—the small air sacs in your lungs where oxygen is absorbed into your bloodstream.

It’s a trigger for asthma and a leading cause of COPD, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis.

Smoking and Emphysema

It can come back to haunt you!

Saundra A.

Saundra A. quit smoking 25 years ago. Last year, she was diagnosed with COPD. “I now had to use an inhaler named Ventolin and Albuterol in addition to drugs for other medical problems,” Saundra says. Not fun.


She got a Second Wind—and more!

Then she received a brochure for Second Wind. “I decided to give it a try,” Saundra says. “I began to notice a difference in my breathing and having to use both inhalators as well as the infuser. Second Wind seems to have given me not just a Second Wind, but a third, fourth, fifth etc. wind. In other words, for me Second Wind works.”


Quitting is a great first step.

Susan S.

“When I quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey and still had shortness of breath,” says Susan S., “I searched for a product that would help. Second Wind did just that. I felt a difference within a few weeks. I walk everyday with my two dogs and live in a hilly area. Uphills [are] much easier now.”


——Jane R., Woodbridge,VA

“The doctor asked me if I finally quit smoking. I told him I had taken Second Wind. He just smiled and said, ‘Well, something has made a big improvement’.”

—Jane R., Woodbridge,VA

Get Second Wind Now Risk-Free!

Scientists around the world have studied the ingredients in Second Wind™. More research needs to be done on some, but all of them show tremendous promise for optimizing your respiratory health.

Second Wind Ingredients

Bromelain is an enzyme that breaks down proteins, including those involved in the inflammatory process. It also helps thin mucus and eases inflammation in the sinuses and nasal passages.

Coenzyme Q10 is an efficient antioxidant, helping to keep tissue healthy and fighting free radical activity. It’s also a great energy booster and supports improved respiratory performance.

Second Wind Ingredients

English Ivy has antispasmodic, decongestant and anti-inflammatory qualities. It helps relieve your cough and increase oxygen intake by relaxing the smooth muscles that surround the airways (the ones that scare you by going into spasms during a bronchitis flareup or asthma attack).

Horehound is used in cough drops, where it helps relax the smooth muscles thatSecond Wind Ingredients surround your bronchial tubes, loosens phlegm, helps break up congestion and soothes your cough. One 2011 study found it had antibacterial properties as well.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is shown to help ease bronchitis symptoms and reduce mucus build-up. Studies suggest NAC can be helpful for people with chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma and COPD. Like CoQ10, it’s an antioxidant—a powerful ally for immune support.

Second Wind Ingredients

Mullein leaf contains saponins and glycosides that help relax the bronchial tubes, loosen thick mucus, and soothe the respiratory tract. Mullein is currently being studied to evaluate its effectiveness in fighting flu viruses and harmful bacteria.


Second Wind Ingredients

Cooks use Fenugreek to season Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. It’s an herbal expectorant that helps loosen phlegm to turn a dry cough into a productive one.

Pleurisy Root, like English Ivy, is a natural anti-spasmodic, helping keep airways open and relaxed, and a natural expectorant that can help make coughs more productive and ease breathing when youSecond Wind Ingredients have a cold or flu.

Licorice Root has a soothing, healing effect in the respiratory system. It has anti-inflammatory and expectorant effects, helping to relax bronchial spasms and loosen mucus to make a cough more productive. It contains glycyrrhizinic acid, a natural antibacterial.

See for yourself just how well SECOND WIND ill work for you. If you’re not happy, it’s FREE.

It works for you or it's FREE!

If you suffer from...

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Sleep apnea
  • Excess mucus
  • Smoker’s cough
  • COPD
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Chest congestion
  • Emphysema
  • Shortness of breath

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Charles J, Nashville, TN

“I was taking mucous relief, but within an hour the coughing would come back. Now that I am taking Second Wind the coughing has gone.”

–Charles J, Nashville, TN

Robert C, of Ponchatoula, LA.

Pills suppressed his cough—and his immune system, too!

“In 2004 I found I had COPD,” says Robert C, of Ponchatoula, LA. “It was hard to breathe. I was prescribed Prednisone. It helped but the side effects were so bad, I didn’t want to take them.”

“I had nothing better, so I took those pills for a long time,” Robert recalls. “It became where I had to take them to breathe every day. [But] every virus that was around, I caught it. I was suffering with an immune problem now.”

Then he got his Second Wind.

“A church member gave me a booklet that said [Second Wind™] could help,” Robert says. It worked. “I got off of the Prednisone, and my quality of life is better.”

Anne M., age 75.

Riding her Harley again—at age 75!

“About 3 years ago. I had a lung infection and couldn’t stop coughing,” says Anne M., age 75. “I tried different herbs for lungs. Nothing worked. Somehow I read about Second Wind. I bought some and my coughing stopped within 3 hours. I’m so happy that I bought Second Wind, because I was on my way to ending up in a hospital. I’m still able to ride my Harley Sportster with no lung problems even though I’m breathing in the gas fumes. I’ll take Second Wind the rest of my life.”


Rene V. of Arcadia, CA

Allergy shots were not much help.

“I’ve always had allergy problems,” says Rene V. of Arcadia, CA. “The older I got the worse the symptoms: post nasal drip, sneezing, sinus congestion. When I reached my mid-twenties I went to an allergy specialist MD for an inoculation program, going weekly to receive pollen injections.”

“The doctor said ‘If you complete this therapy, your body will build up immunity against the pollens,” Rene recalls. It didn’t work quite that way.

“After 3 ½ years, I felt only partially relieved,” she says. “I started reading [about] allergies, histamine and health effects. Found IVL and tried Second Wind.”

Taking Second Wind was like flicking a switch.

“Wow!” Rene says. “It was like turning on a light switch! Everything in my upper respiratory system was purged clean and I could feel it all the way to my lungs! Thank you so much IVL for creating Second Wind!”

It cleared her lungs—and saves her money, too!

“I have asthma, get short of breath and have a chronic cough,” reports Beverly D. of Kerrville, TN. “My doctor has tried several different medications to address these problems but they have not been effective. Second Wind has helped with the shortness of breath and helps to clear out my lungs. It is much less expensive…without the side effects.”


Get Second Wind Now Risk-Free!
——Arthur C., Holland, NY

“My doctor said, ‘Art, it was hard to listen to your heart because your lungs were so noisy. They are clear as a bell now and really pumping air.’ I thank God for Second Wind.”

—Arthur C., Holland, NY

If you’ve ever had to walk out of church early or leave a concert because you couldn’t stop coughing, you know how Arthur C. felt.

He coughed so much, he couldn’t go out.

“I have COPD, Arthur says. “I was suffering a great deal with cough, congestion and phlegm in my lungs. I had so much phlegm I had to have a sputum cup. It was so bad I had to curtail my social activities. It was so embarrassing I even quit going to church. It was disruptive to those around me.”

She’s not embarrassed by coughing any more.

Kadie M. of Hagerstown, MD

“Before I started using Second Wind,” says Kadie M. of Hagerstown, MD, ”I [was] always coughing and aching. With embarrassment! I would cough and cough throughout the day, at work, and during the night.”

Then she discovered Second Wind. “The moment I started to use the capsules my coughing was minimized,” Kadie says. “I can’t go without it.”

Not tied to her oxygen tank any more!

Sheila S.

“I have COPD,” says Sheila S. of Jeffersonville, IN, “and breathing treatments with a nebulizer seemed to make me worse. I was told about Second Wind by a friend and it changed my life, literally.”

“I am on oxygen 24 hours a day,” Sheila explains, “but with Second Wind I can go [on] any small errand with confidence. The oxygen travel tanks are a big hassle, and with Second Wind, I don’t have to depend on them. Just being able to be off oxygen 2-5 hours at a time helps me feel normal.”

Then he learned about Second Wind™. “What a blessing!” Arthur says. “After three I no longer coughed, the congestion and phlegm disappeared.”

His doctors were amazed.

“My pulmonologist cannot believe how well I’m doing now,” Arthur says. “My family doctor said, ‘Art it was so hard to listen to your heart because your lungs were so noisy. They are clear as a bell now and really pumping air.’ I thank God for Second Wind, I call it my prescription from heaven.”

Get Second Wind Now Risk-Free!

If you’ve been fighting breathing problems and nothing seems to help, you may have trouble believing the all-natural nutrients in Second Wind can make any difference.

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